Piste RS

Truly unique

Original price was: $ 1.300,00.Current price is: $ 780,00.

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Unlock the thrill of carving sharp and playful turns on the slopes. This is a responsive and race inspired ski thanks to the modern shape and advanced materials. This model delivers a sense of mastery and ease in maneuvering, ensuring you feel naturally at home on the slopes.

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Tech specs

  • Full Width Titanal Construction
  • Aviation Grade Prepreg Laminates
  • Vulcanized Rubber Dampening
  • Beech / Poplar Wood Core
  • Sandwich Construction
  • Semi-Cap
  • Sintered Race Grade Base
  • Early Rise Tip
  • Centre Camber
Specs Drawing
Size Width Turn Radius Weight
183 122-78-107 mm 18,0 m 1850 gr
175 118-76-105 mm 17,2 m 1720 gr
165 117-74-102 mm 15 m 1650 gr

10 Reviews for Piste RS

  • Christopher

    Ultimate skis for GS fun on firm and fast conditions. Solid🤘🏽

  • Henrik Remlov Sunde

    This is a ski I can recommend for everyone who is into skiing a lot 👍 it is perfect for the slopes 👏👏

  • Harald Chr Strand Nilsen

    Really exited about the skis. They delivered as expected. You feel the quality of the construction as you lay them on the snow. Yet they are lively and responsive when putting some pressure on them. Skis like this should feel calm and powerful, and this really do. The construction gives the torsional stiffness good skiers demand. Absolutely great skis for good skiers. Highly recomended.

  • Nicolay Lileng

    Very good ski. Responsive and direct. Makes well balanced turns and feels one with the slope. Feels sturdy in high speeds without being nervous. The ski feel like they cut well into the snow if you let them. Demands some skiing experience, but will in return be “aggressive ” enough to let you push the boundaries.

  • Vidar Dalsbø

    Tried these at Trysil ski test. Class! My next skies will be either. stockli wrt or Stereo RS, thats how high I rate them.

  • Trygve

    Waiting to try soon I hope

  • Matt

    From the front rocker, slightly turned up tail and the “wide-narrow” waist you might think this is a ski without an identity. Folks, these are serious skis. They need a bit of speed to really come alive and would much rather be stood on their edges and stepped on than skidded around in a lazy manner. They kind of remind me of those electronic ski boot insoles that tell you how you’re skiing. The review that says these are the ultimate skis for a GS racer on his/her day off was spot on.

  • Kristoffer Aamot

    Very good ski. The most responsive skis I have had. Just so enjoyable to use, it’s a laugh 👌

  • Tarjei Øvergaard

    This is really a ski on it’s own! Perfect edge grip on any surface at any speed, It’s both playful and stable. Really fun both on ice and soft snow – even shallow powder is a blast! It should be noted that the playfulness makes them want to “jump”, in a calm way, on obstacles – which is really fun, but on the other side you’ll not get the dampness of ie “red Atomics” or other proper GS skis – but those skis are honestly a lot less fun until you reach ~80-100km/h. One other aspect that should be mentioned, is that they are wider (and hence a bit slower edge-edge) and have a lot less rebound than stiffer skis with shorter radius, as SL-type skis. In short, you’ll get a ski that carves almost like a racing ski, handles chop and soft snow like a really good all mountain ski. Just pure fun!

  • Matthew Somerville

    I am not going to rate this ski, or any ski, perfect; why would they keep working on perfection if it already is? The RS: ROCKS! Smooth, supple, infinitely variable, one can steer these things with just your big toe. Definitely an all piste fun GS style. Confidence inspiring ski at any speed that I found. Stoeckli finally has someone knocking at there door; and that is a very awesome thing.

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