About us

Throughout Norwegian history the ski has been a vital mode of transport in winter. Before cars, engines, trains and planes had been heard of, Norwegians were making their own skis. Scandinavia has been the epicenter for ski development throughout history. After the industrial revolution, skiing in the north of Europe was more for joy than survival. Ski clubs in Trysil and Oslo are cited as the first to arrange competitions in the 1800’s. In the 1900’s skiing as a sport saw greater organization. By the late 1900’s, however, few Nordic brands continued to make skis for alpine terrain. Stereo Skis was established in 2008 with a passion to develop unique and modern skis, based on that original soul of ancient Norwegian skiing.

The founder of Stereo Skis, Jens-Martin Johnsrud, believed the old traditions of making skis in Scandinavia could be re-established. With a focus on innovation, and his background from water skiing in the summer, he developed water skis with twin tip. The idea was to combine elements from park skiing in winter, and wakeboarding in summer. As a result, the first wake ski was born. Our drive for quality, innovation, and new materials meant that building these water skis was a success. With our passion for skiing on snow, making planks for the winter was the natural next step. Today, always improve skis for touring and freeride is what we aim for. Stereo Skis are using the Norwegian mountains and the nordic spirit to push the trends, and develop new innovations to maintain the evolution of the sport.

During the last year we have teamed up with Åre Ski Factory in Sweden, and created a completely new range of freeride and touring skis. A shared love for skiing, highly advanced equipment, and state of the art materials combine with our perfectly suited location in the Scandinavian mountains, giving us the essentials to create the best skis. Never stop skiing!