Made in Scandinavia

We use the highest quality and most ecofriendly materials in the industry, combined with Scandinavian handcraft. Our aim is to achieve the highest possible ski performance and long lasting products.

The entire production process is powered by 100 % renewable energy.


The best materials are essential when making high performance products. We use the best materials in the ski industry to give you the best possible ski experience and a long-lasting product.


The reason Stereo Skis choose local production is to assure a better development process and overall quality when producing new skis. Scandinavian standards ensures us great working conditions. It also gives us the opportunity to fine tune the end result, and most importantly we know that our core value of sustainability is met as a priority.

Prepreg laminates

Stereo Skis are made with sandwich construction with prepreg laminates which is quite rare in the ski industry. These materials are selected to ensure the highest possible product quality and minimize spill and waste.

Pre-impregnated materials (prepregs) are utilized in high-performance applications when weight and mechanical properties are top priority. Manufacturers from the aerospace, aviation, and sustainable energy industries benefit from pre-impregnated material properties.

Ski factory

Åre Skidfabrik has always run its business with 100% renewable energy from Jämtkraft’s local hydropower stations.

In addition to manufacturing all skis with 100 % renewable energy, as well as running an energy-optimized factory, Åre Skidfabrik meets many other criteria in sustainability.

All production takes place in Sweden with its strict rules and laws regarding working environment, as well as waste and chemical management. In addition, Åre Skidfabrik uses an epoxy system unique to the ski industry, Pre-Preg, which was originally developed for the aerospace industry. This means that all glass and carbon fiber material is mechanically impregnated at the supplier and that no employees need to handle liquid epoxy, which is otherwise normal in the ski industry. In addition to these positive aspects, Pre-Preg also means that the quality of the skis is higher as the epoxy is distributed perfectly in the skis, as well as the skis become lighter in weight.

“If you look at the big picture at Åre Skidfabrik, I do not think you can manufacture skis in a more sustainable way than we do today” says Carl Geijer, CEO and co-owner, and continues “This is something we are very proud of and also something I believe our customers value highly.”

Maintenance of skis

We want you to enjoy your skis for as long as possible. That’s why it is important that you take good care of them. We recommend that you wax your skis as often as possible, especially if the sole is dry. The edges are made of carbon steel and can rust in contact with salt and water. Wipe the skis after use to prevent rust on the edges, and store the skis in a dry place.