Select the right skis

Choosing the right kind of skis comes down to where and how you are going to use the skis. We have four different collections with three ski models in each collection so it should covers most skiers needs.

Are you primarily going to ski in the piste, we recommending looking at the Piste collection first. Piste RS is a high performance ski for the slopes, while Piste V3 is wider and more versatile. Piste LT has the same width as V3, but is easier to ski.

If you are going to ski resort based freeride skiing you should look at the freeride collection. Apex V3 works really well on hard snow and in the slopes in addition to freeride. Zenith V3 is a versatile freeride with 108mm under foot that works well in powder and also has good performance when the snow is not at it´s best. Fram is a pure freeride ski with 115mm under foot for excellent float in powder.

If you are going to focus on ski touring you should start by checking out the MK 4 touring collection. Mark 4 is the fourth edition of our touring skis and we have improved them after experience with the three previous versions. The skis are made in a solid and lightweight hybrid construction that makes the skis light and versatile, suited for ski touring on different kinds of snow. If you want touring skis with a high focus on ski performance and perhaps also want to ski in the slope, the skis mark 4 collection might cover your needs.

The Carbon V2 collection are skis that are more purified for ski touring. The collection has the three models Wolverine, Lynx and Wolf with the same dimensions as MK 4, but fully reinforced by carbon fiber which makes them lighter. To get full value of these lighter skis, we recommend matching them with lighter bindings and boots.