Tarjei Byrkjeland Aasen (The Brother)

The Byrkjeland Aasen brothers are born and raised by the Sognefjord in western Norway. Their parents settled down in Solvorn. The local resort, Heggmyrane, became their kinder garden. No wonder why they can ski!

The younger brother Tarjei, is said to be the best skier (it’s a close race). As a student in Sogndal (15 minutes from home), he has plenty of time for skiing in the backcountry. Surrounded by the mountains in the western part of Norway, Tarjei gets to ski powder with his brother a lot more often than most could dream of. Tarjei is the kind of guy who lets his skiing do the talking.

The older brother Vegard, is not only a superb skier, but also a photographer working with media. The fall of 2016, he made it all the way to the top in Red Bull Illume in Chicago, in the mobile category. In other words, this is the guy to follow on Instagram.

This winter and spring you’ll Tarjei somewhere in the mountains around the Sognefjord. Follow the brothers on Instagram: Vegard Tarjei