Mary Birkeland (The Hobbit)

Mary came in like a wrecking ball last winter, straight out of SAF (Sauda Air Force). Her first season as a senior brought her to the top in the XFREE-competition inSunnmøre. Before her run, she had a power nap at the top, and then she took the fastest way down. No brakes on this girl!

Mary is half American, and half Norwegian, but is born and raised in Sauda, Norway. Since the end of high school, Mary has been travelling, eager to see to world, and ski the world. And she is still out there, travelling and skiing!

This winter you’ll probably find Mary somewhere in the Alps, somewhere between Arlberg and Chamonix. If not, she is probably somewhere southwest of Norway, having fun on the mountain with the locals at Svandalen ski resort.

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