Lisen Strøm (Curly)

Lisen is a former alpine skier, and it shows. Born and raised in Oslo, Norway, and currently based in the Utah. She is an optimist, and has been skiing fast and steep since she adapted to free skiing. Lisen loves to compete, mostly with the attitude ofgo big or go home! She is often to be seen at the podium, aaaaaand sometimes with crutches… Powder skiing is not always necessary for this girl. She is skiing no matter what, and maybe hardest at so-called shit-fuck-conditions. Her passion for the mountains runs in the family, and it shows on her education. High school was all about skiing for Lisen, and so is college, at the University of Utah in Salt Lake City.

This winter you can follow her on Instagram, and in a brand new TV show; Spellbound (soon to come). Check out Lisen and the Wild Women of Wasatch – Chicks who rip, at Vimeo