Julie Korneliussen (Smiley)

Julie is a true outdoor person with a great passion for the simple joy of nature. Born and raised at beautiful Inderøya, surrounded by the Trondheimsfjord, she is familiar with all the 4 seasons in the middle of Norway. To her, the feeling of mastery and producing endorphins are the keys to better life quality. Her favorite destination is Lofoten, where she has got heritage, and spends a lot of time in the beautiful surroundings in the north, where the North Sea hits the shore.

As a part of the collective; Turjenter.no, she is an inspiration to Norwegians at all ages during the year, with great articles about her adventures. She has a sharp pen, and is able to make her stories come alive through the art of telling stories. Even though she is studying nursing at the Nord Univeristy, Julie is an expert in fitting skiing, hiking, kayaking, and all kinds of small adventures into her daily life. For the winter of 2017, she will be joining a dog sled trip over Svartisen, the second biggest glacier in Norway, together with beyondlimits.no. And of course, she will try to explore a lot more of the mountains from Dovre and all the way up north to Lofoten. You’ll find her big smile and her backpack somewhere in the north of Scandinavia all year round. Nature and daily adventures is just a door step away for Julie.

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