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These skis are great tools for sharp turns in the slopes or out of bounds whenever you feel for it. The all-mountain skis from Stereo will provide a lot of joy on all conditions, even when it is not epic powder.

Our freeride skis are suitable for those who like the joy of freeskiing, either in a ski resort, or for charging in the mountains. With a solid wood core, triaxial fiberglass laminates, elliptical tip rocker and center camber, you will have the perfect tool for a serious day of skiing.

The Predator freeride touring collection is our range of backcountry skis. These skis have a full lightweight wood core and comes in four different species; Wolverine mk2, Lynx mk2, Wolf mk2 and Polar Bear mk2 – Inspired by Scandinavian predators.

The Black Predator collection is our brand new range of touring skis with a combination of a super light wood core and carbon laminates. This is an even lighter edition of the Predator-family for those who want to push their touring limits.

Our park ski, Estate is the park ski for those who want to take their park riding to the next level. Developed and tested together with some of the most experienced skiers in Norway. New for this year is an adjusted flex for more stability and pop, making this true twin even better.