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The All Mountain Collection
The three models Piste, Piste W and Apex are basis for the all mountain collection. Piste and Piste W have been upgraded to version 2 and is together with the Apex state of the art all mountain performance skis with a solid wood core and dual titanal construction.

The freeride collection
The all mighty Zenith is a super versatile, medium width freeride ski with a shape and construction that provides an excellent blend of playfulness and stability. New for this year is that the Zenith has been upgraded to the same innovative carbon and fiberglass hybrid construction that we introduced with Fram. The pioneer Fram is our widest ski, named after the ship that put Norwegian explorers in the history books and the first carbon neutral ski in history!

Predator Collection mk 3
The complete predator collection has been upgraded to the next level – Mark 3. The new collection has the same stability as the Predators have been known for, yet in lower weight thanks to the carbon hybrid construction. The shape of the models are based on the all mountain and freeride skis and made with even lighter and more advanced materials. The predators are lightweight skis that urge touring for great snow and perfect terrain – were the experience is fulfilled with a massive skiing performance!

Carbon Predator Collection v.2
The carbon predators are lighter and more powerful editions of the predator skis, made in aviation grade carbon fiber. The new v.2 carbon predator collections has been fine-tuned be become even lighter and perform higher. The carbon predators are highly advanced skis, developed for push it further, deeper and higher into the mountains!

Our park ski, Estate is the park ski for those who want to take their park riding to the next level. Developed and tested together with some of the most experienced skiers in Norway. New for this year is an adjusted flex for more stability and pop, making this true twin even better.